RapidDeploy RoadMap

MidVision is committed to delivering new features requested by our customers as quickly as possible. The release milestones are the dates by which all the listed features in that milestone will be available. However, we typically produce a point release once every 1-2 weeks and new features in the next milestone will be added to those point releases as soon as they become available. You can check if the feature you are interested in has been released in a point release, by checking the release notes pages.

Release 5.0.0 - July 2017

Core Engine

Feature 1445: New project editor GUI based on Angular and d3.js
Feature 2695 (2): Add a Mac installer (DMG file) to make Mac installations easier.
Feature 2707: New app for iPhone and Android.
Feature 2809: New progress diagram for running Pipeline Jobs and running task flows. 
Feature 2813: Improvement to Web Services interface to allow Data Dictionary values to be passed to a job to override project and target scoped settings for that job only. 


Feature 1808:  Multi-Node Orchestration.


Feature 2853: Feature improvement to select targets to export when exporting a project.
Feature 2736, 2737, 2738: Feature improvements to operations views, dashboard and exportable reports.

Cloud/Network Plugins

Feature 2740, 2710:  Improvements to the AWS Plugin and expose plugin operations as tasks. 
Feature 2729:  New VMWare plugin added.    
Feature 2730:  New tasks to support commercial firewall configurations, e.g. Palo Alto firewall.
Feature 2891:  New plugin for IBM BlueMix.

Database Plugins

Feature 2891:  Add Database plugin to leverage DBmaestro.   
Feature 2761:  Add Database plugins to leverage Liquibase and Flyway.   

Tools Plugins

Feature 2842:  Improved support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
Feature 2779:  Improved support for BitBucket.
Feature 2807, 2808, 2722: New social media plugins for Twitter, Skype, Hipchat, Slack. 
Feature 2818: Jenkins plugin now able to call RapidDeploy Job with Data Dictionary parameters during a parameterised build. Data Dictionary parameters passed, override project/target scope. 


Feature 2783:  New mode to enable restart of a pipeline from point of failure, or run from scratch.
Feature 2784:  Improve pipelines to add rollback pipeline and Rollback release selection.
Feature 2787:  Deployment blackout periods supported. 
Feature 2722:  Plugin API for Job step so job step functionality can be added by customer.

 Release 4.2.0 - January 2017

Core Engine

Feature 2682: Upgrade RapidDeploy assembly to Java 8 and dependencies such as Spring etc.
Feature 2682: Upgrade RapidDeploy assembly to use Tomcat 9.
Feature 2695 (1): Add a Mac specific assembly to make Mac installations easier. Also add Mac agent.
Feature 2496: Complete update to snapshot framework to simplify snapshotting and make more flexible and intuitive
Feature 2641: Modify the way environment definitions work and move from environment panel to task panel for flexibility and simplification.


Feature 2763:  Ability to export/import one or more tasks from one project to another one.


Feature 2699: Improvements to environment visualisation. Includes adding operations view to see deployed environments from version, project, server, target perspectives.


Feature 181, 1354:  Improvements to the WebSphere plugin for performance and manageability.
Feature 2749:  New WebLogic 12c plugin added.
Feature 2764:  New Disk partioning plugin added.


Feature 2689:  Improved visual job plan workflow editor - Add ability to monitor resources such as filesystems for a change, and initiate or advance a pipeline.
Feature 2653:  Add ability to invoke a pipeline as well as a blueprint (currently supported) from external tools such as Jenkins.
Feature 2691:    Improved visual job plan workflow editor - Add ability to call other job plans and failure branches.

Release 4.1.0 - June 2016 

Core Engine

Feature 544: Snapshot comparisons automated and emailed to subscribers on change..
Feature 2484: Built-in agent running in RapidDeploy process for ease of configuration.
Feature 2586: Improved reporting dashboard. Drill down Rev counters, Graphs, Pie Charts, Bar charts.
Feature 2702: New visual operations view based on d3.js.
Feature 2658: Remove java applets for package/snapshot comparison and replace with in-built javascript comparison tool.


Feature 2483: Support multiple physical nodes for each logical node target definition.
Feature 2570:  New Orchestration Diagram replaces list. Graphical canvas showing task flow, branching, linked deployments, sub-orchestrations etc. Job plan Diagram replaces list view.
Feature 2694 + Others:  New Linux tasks added. New string and number manipulation tasks. New utility and Network tasks. New ForEach task.


Feature 2496, 2498: Improvements to environment snapshots and templates..
Feature 2688: Improvements to previous jobs panel to allow drill down into individual log snippets for each task.

WebSphere Plugins

Feature 1352:  Support for new features in WebSphere Application Server. Business Level Application, Intelligent management - Dynamic cluster expansion, Intellegent routing.

   Release   Security

Feature 2343: Shared job plans which can be private, public and shared to a users group.
Feature 2346:  Integration with staging feature of Sonatype Nexus.
Feature 2376:  Improved visual job plan workflow editor. Ability to create a job plan using canvas, with approval gates shown. Rest Integration. 

Release 4.0.0 - January 2016 

Core Engine

Feature 470: Merge Binary install and code deploy into common deployment mechanism. Remove associated Environment Installation panels and move this functionality to Environment panels/plugins.
Feature 2024: Move Transactional Boundaries to service layer from repository layer.
Feature 1777: Update package management to allow packages to be marked as failed or ready to deploy into downstream environments.
Feature 2392: Support import/export of all projects at once.


Feature 1544: Improve orchestration by allowing conditional functionality within a task flow.
Feature 2425: Support sub-orchestration in the UI. User can configure per-environment orchestration tasks via the UI.
Feature 2289: Allow a user to copy orchestration tasks.
Feature 2391: Data dictionary improvements for ease of use, visibility, validation and view of overridden properties. All data dictionary values moved to a single XML file.
Feature 2399: Support lists of name/value pairs and lists of strings in orchestration tasks. Update all orchestration tasks to use this new feature where applicable.
Feature 2393: Support linked deployments. Allow a job to call any other job either synchronously or asynchronously. Create orchestration task to call any other Project/Target/Version combination by use of the Web Services API.


Feature 2334: Merge Project Targets and Server Environments together into single entity to simplify environment configuration.
Feature 2400: Simplifying where environment configurations are stored. Now in single Domain XML file, Orchestration (see Feature 2399) and Data Dictionary files. 
Feature 2275: Extend Resource plugins. Use resource libraries for all external resources such as Database and JMS resources, Jar, War, Ear Files, Scripts etc.


Feature 2554: New calendar component for improved release management.


Feature 2329: LDAP - Multiple base DN support and improved LDAP sync.
Feature 2332: LDAP - Multiple Active Authentication Implementations supported..

WebSphere 8 Plugin

Feature 2337, 2424: Support for new features in WebSphere Application Server. 

Tomcat 9 Plugin

Feature 2514: Support for Tomcat 9. 

Redmine Plugin

Feature 2394: Support for Redmine CM tool. 

Release 3.5.28 - September 2015 

IIB 10 Plugin

Feature 1940: IBM WebSphere IIB 10 plugin. This plugin builds on the previous WMB and IIB9 plugins allowing you to provision IIB10 binaries and manage execution groups, bar files etc.

JBoss EAP 6.4 Plugin

Feature 2308: JBoss EAP 6.4 Plugin. This plugin builds on the previous  JBoss EAP plugins, extending JBoss support to JBoss EAP 6.4.

WebSphere Plugins

Feature 2293: Support for additional security features - Security Domains. 

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